Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free NZSO Concert next week

The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra are kindly giving next week's concert for free in ChCh to offer people some relief from earthquake stress. It is called Soundscapes and features Scottish percussionist Colin Currie.
It is on Thursday 15th Sept at 6.30pm
Click here to read about the programme and book

Workshops at school next week

Drum Maintenance Workshop Wed 15th Sept

4 - 6pm Run by Dave Smith

Cost $10 Limited to 20 spaces so be in quick!

This is a hands on workshop where everyone will get to re-skin and tune a drum and learn about drumkit setup and positioning. Students may bring their own snare to re-skin.

Download a registration form from the wiki homepage or collect one from the music office.

Vocal Masterclass Thursday 16th Sept 1.45- 2.45

Run by Ravil Atlas. This is free for Jess's vocal students and gold coin entry for other students.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Music News Update

Chamber performance tomorrow is now cancelled due to continuing aftershocks, but Richard Hore is hoping the group can perform with him at a later occasion.

Jazz Band - you can now register for the tour online! (since you can't bring the permission forms back to school). Go to and click on the link on the jazz band page (recommend that you right click and open in a new tab or window). It will help us if you can fill this in soon. You can also download the schedule.
There is also a link to some photos on that page of Rodger Fox's visit last week!

A new page on the wiki is visiting performances where you can check out some photos and video of visiting performances at Chisnallwood.

The Royal Schools Theory entry date has kindly been extended by a week for Christchurch entrants. If you would like to enter, please let us know next week or fill in the form on the music theory wiki page

School is scheduled to resume on Monday 13th Sept at this stage but I will keep you posted if there are any changes. Good news is that the Performing Arts block and contents were completely unharmed in the earthquake!
I will also keep you posted about the Kids In Town Performance currently scheduled for Thursday next week (Jazz and Chamber)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Concert and School cancelled.

The under 5s concert scheduled for 5th Sept has been cancelled due to earthquake damage in the ChCh Music Centre.
Also the school will be closed Monday and Tuesday.
We will present the Under 5s programme at another time.
I hope you are all OK.