Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week 3 term 4

This week in music news, the school jazz band enjoyed performances at the Big Band Festival over Labour weekend along with 16 other jazz big bands. We also had members take part in a workshop with Rodger Fox. Here are a couple of photos from Thursday at Re: Start mall with Halswell and Medbury in conjunction with Kids in Town and then on Monday at the Botanic Gardens. These were great opportunities for family, friends and general public to hear our band as well as others. The choir performed an item at the Big Band service on Sunday morning.
At Re:Start Mall
You can see the Jazz band at Re:Start Mall on the CTV News here! 

Big Band Festival at the Gardens

Special guest and Chisnallwood jazz friend Nola Mills played with us.
Our choir sings Joyful Joyful at the Big Band Service 

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, the orchestra, choir, ukuleles and jazz band gave brief "up-close"performances for visiting students who we are looking forward to seeing at Chisnallwood next year.

Tomorrow our choir performs on the final night of the ChCh School's Music Festival in the Horncastle Arena at 7pm. We have also had some students involved all week who are in the representative choir and orchestra. Details at

Next week are looking forward to our annual live recording Rock Night at Orange Studio for ALL our rock bands as well as Irish and combo (1063 Ferry Road) on Nov 7th at 7pm. Tickets available at . All money goes toward engineering costs.

A reminder about Itinerant nights in weeks 7 and 8.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week 2 Term 4

This weekend our Jazz Band are playing at the Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre and Ilex Cafe on Monday at 10am. Oct 26.
The choir is singing at the Big Band Festival church service on Sunday morning 11am at South West Baptist church (corner of Cobham and Lyttelton Streets). Oct 25.
There are 40 gigs over the 3 days in 10 venues!
Check for details.

Yesterday the jazz band were very privileged to perform with Nola Mills in assembly and are looking forward to her being at the Gardens gig on Monday.

Next week is the Primary Schools' Festival is on in the Horncastle Arena. Our choir is performing on Friday 30th. Check out for details about the festival.

Some of our music groups will be performing to visiting schools next week.

There have been a couple of small changes to the itinerant nights:
Nov 25 - Clarinet, sax, keyboard, piano, cello
Nov 26 - Vocals and drums
Dec 1st - trumpet, trombone, violin, flute, bass, guitar

Coming up:
Guy Fawkes night at New Brighton - Nov 5th 6pm-7.30 Jazz band, Cosmic Latte and Catch Phrase.
Rock Night Nov 7th.

This week guests have been enjoying the Aurasma triggers on our music wall of photos.
If you are in the department, make sure you download the Aurasma app on your device and follow the judith.bell channel to see snippets of student performances come to life on our wall!

Here is some newly uploaded footage of the massed La Bamba performance from last term!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Term 4 week 1

CONGRATULATIONS to COSMIC LATTE who recently got 3rd place in the NATIONAL FINALS of BANDQUEST! Well done! You can check out their video here.

Saturday Oct 17, 1pm at South City - Max Aldridge, Ryan Bell and Keira Jonkers will be busking as part of the Busk-a-thon to raise money for Home and Family. Great music and a great cause. Please support them.

Thursday Oct 2212-1pm Lunchtime performance Kids in Town at ReStart Mall -  Chisnallwood Jazz.
Monday Oct 26 10 -11am Morning tea performance at the Gardens Ilex Cafe and Visitors Centre - Chisnallwood Jazz playing as part of the Christchurch Big Band Festival

Sunday Oct 25, 11am Big Band Jazz Service at SouthWest Baptist - Chisnallwood Choir
Friday Oct 30 CHCH Schools' Music Festival 

Itinerant performance nights. If you are learning music at school, please fill in the form here to confirm your performance! You can find it at

Nov 7 at Orange Studio

PLEASE CHECK for all term 4 music dates

Congratulations to Aya McLarty on achieving distinction in her Grade 4 violin exam.

If you have the Aurasma app on your device, check out this image below with it to see a snippet of "Snow Ride" performed at Strum Strike and Blow last term.