Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big Band Monday

Big Band Monday
Wind, brass and rhythm section jazz players make sure you check out BIG BAND MONDAY!!
You can register to play in a fantastic big band workshop or specialized instrumental clinic.
The Chisnallwood band (and other jazz bands) will be performing in the afternoon and the combo before the gala concert!
Rodger Fox' Wellington Jazz Orchestra with Jeff Driskill will be performing at night and tutoring all day!
A fantastic opportunity! Check out the webpage for details. you can register online and also order tickets for Rodger Fox's GALA concert with Jeff Driskill and the incredible WJO!
Big Band Monday is on Oct 24th (Labour Day) and will be held in the Middleton Grange performing Arts Centre.

Then, for those who are really keen, registrations are now open for the NZSM 5 day jazz workshop in Wellington in January by the same fantastic NZSM people! To check this out, visit http://www.nzjazzfoundation.com/