Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chisnallwood 2015 - Welcome to the New Year

First up, if you are at Chisnallwood this year interested in learning an instrument/vocals/hiphop the jump over to the registration page so we can put your name on the timetable. Make sure the parent or caregiver is the one filling in the form and giving permission.
All the itinerants will be at school on Feb 4th to demo their expert skills in assembly, so do check that out if you’re not sure which instrument you love the best!
Part of the cool thing about learning music is the opportunity to play music in a group. Anyone who can read and play a few notes can be part of the orchestra which is free to join – like all the groups. Our sign up meeting will be on Monday 2nd Feb, in block 5 and the first play will be Monday Feb 9th.
Watch the notices for auditions for Rock, Jazz and Irish! There will be sign up sheets outside the music office for these groups, as well as sign up sheets for marimba, ukulele and sound tech training.
Choir starts Tuesday 10th Feb 11am.
The sign up for 2015 music theory club is online here. This after school club will start on Friday 13th Feb.
The first 2 gigs we have booked are:
Feb 18 (Wed): 12-12.30pm Jazz Band at the ICC Cricket World Cup Fan Zone (Victoria Square) (Full Programme)
March 1st (Sunday):1-2.30pm Jazz and Irish bands as well as a Chissy student rock band at Wigram Airforce for Children’s Day
Here’s a wee video about how our brain benefits when we play an instrument….

Sunday, January 25, 2015

2014 CD

For anyone who missed out on the 2014 CDs of student performances, here are the details:

$15 will get you a set of 3 CDs:
1. Compilation CD of groups. 21 tracks performed by choir, ukuleles, Irish Band, orchestra, marimbas, djembes, computer music
2. Jazz CD featuring 8 tracks performed by the 2014 the Chisnallwood Big Band and Jazz Combo recorded at Orange Studio in November.
3. Rock CD featuring 15 tracks of the 5 Chisnallwood Rock Bands.  12 of these were recorded live on Rock Night @ Orange Studio on Nov 30th and the other 3 also recorded at Orange Studio.
Or you can just order one CD for $5
Each CD has designer art by Chisnallwood students:
Compilation CD art by Hannah Hawkins room 17, Jazz CD Art by Rose Lee Room 17, Rock CD Art by Brydie Crates Room 6