Sunday, January 25, 2015

2014 CD

For anyone who missed out on the 2014 CDs of student performances, here are the details:

$15 will get you a set of 3 CDs:
1. Compilation CD of groups. 21 tracks performed by choir, ukuleles, Irish Band, orchestra, marimbas, djembes, computer music
2. Jazz CD featuring 8 tracks performed by the 2014 the Chisnallwood Big Band and Jazz Combo recorded at Orange Studio in November.
3. Rock CD featuring 15 tracks of the 5 Chisnallwood Rock Bands.  12 of these were recorded live on Rock Night @ Orange Studio on Nov 30th and the other 3 also recorded at Orange Studio.
Or you can just order one CD for $5
Each CD has designer art by Chisnallwood students:
Compilation CD art by Hannah Hawkins room 17, Jazz CD Art by Rose Lee Room 17, Rock CD Art by Brydie Crates Room 6