Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Music Update Week 7

Have you got spare beds or mattresses at your house? Wouldn’t it be great to meet students from the top of the north island? We need billet families on March 31 and April 1st.
We are looking forward to the NZ Ukulele Trust Development Squad visiting Chisnallwood on March 31 and April 1st. They will be performing for our students on Friday morning, and performing at Orange Studio on Friday evening. Please support them! You can get tickets from - or if you have billets, you get FREE tickets!
For those who especially enjoyed
African Drumming last week with Koffie we are offering an extra sessions with him tomorrow in block 3! It will cost $4.50 for a one-off session. If you want to sign up and build on what you learnt, or learn extra harder rhythms, please go to this link: (or find it on the music website). There are just 15 spaces left.

Please note that the previously advertised workshop on March 31 on Learning Strategies for Musical Success is cancelled due to the presenter not coming to NZ anymore. Apologies for any inconvenience.

If students wish to do COMPUTER MUSIC for Leisure Ed next term, please sign up on the sheet outside the music office and you can also sign up on the music website. Limited numbers so be in! This runs for the full 12 weeks and students get the opportunity to learn to use music software, create ads and music for the school radio station as well as other music projects.

Calling all recorder and flute players - please see Mrs Bell about learning 6 pieces for Strum Strike and Blow Festival!

Calling all guitar and ukulele players - we need you on Wednesdays at lunchtime!

In the school holidays we will be holding a sound tech training day, a jazz band day, and rock rehearsals (one per band).

PLEASE NOTE THAT APPLICATIONS FOR AUDITIONS ARE OPEN FOR SPECIAL GROUPS FOR THE SCHOOL'S MUSIC FESTIVAL. Applications close on April 15th (end of term). If you want to apply to be part of the Festival Senior Choir, Orchestra or Concert Band, you will need to ask for the school code from Mrs Bell and fill in the form on

Did you know there is a Facebook group for ex-Chisnallwood music students? If you have brothers or sisters or friends who played music at Chisnallwood in the past, please tell them to find the group and join (if they're on Facebook)!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 6 Term 1

Children's Day 2016

Well done to last year's and this year's bands who performed at the Children's Day event at Spencer Park on Sunday. The weather was hot, and there was a record number of people there including swing dancers enjoying the jazz music. We appreciate last year's members coming back for this gig. It was great to see our brand new jazz band for 2016 play perform for their very first time and hear great soloing from our new members on trombone, trumpet, piano and guitar. Dylan Jonkers had also performed original songs earlier in the day, accompanying himself on piano. 

Extra African Drumming Next week!

We are pleased to announce that Robert Koffie Fugah will be back next week to complete the 3 remaining classes for drums - but also he is able to offer workshops for those who want to take it a bit further! These will cost $4.50 and have limited spaces. Please sign up here is you are interested!

Christchurch Symphony Ambassador

Congratulations to Maisie Bean (violin leader of the Chisnallwood orchestra) who is the Chisnallwood 2016 CSO Ambassador! She will be going to extra workshops and meetings and organising advertising and some free tickets to some of the CSO concerts this year!

Chisnallwood Music group rehearsal times

Orchestra - Friday 1.15-2.35
Jazz Band - Thursday 1.15-1.25
Ukulele Band - Wednesday 1.10-1.45
Marimba group - Friday 8am-8.35
Recorder Group - Wednesday 8am-8.35
Choir - Thursday 10.50-11.55 (note the change!)
Theory Club - Friday 2.45-4.20

All groups have their own pages on the website, and some also have Google Classroom and Class dojo accounts. Irish band and some of the rock band rehearsal times are yet to be tied down.

Billets needed March 31, April 1

Please contact Judith Bell at school if you have any questions.

Learning Strategies for Music Success

This excellent workshop by International presenter Michael Griffin is at school is on March 31 and we would like to see AS MANY MUSIC STUDENTS AS POSSIBLE AT THIS!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 3 Music Update

African Drumming with Robert Koffie Fugah this week.

We have been lucky to have Koffie teaching 18 classes this week. Students have learnt African song, background information and how to play fantastic djembes rhythms together.
He will teach the 3 more classes on march 18th and also offer a special workshop for students who want to take it a bit further. There will be a small cost to this workshop, and there will be limited spaces (due to the number of djembes). Sign up will be on soon.

Childrens' Day this Sunday March 6th at Spencer Park. 


Look out for Dylan Jonkers singing original songs and last year's jazz band combined with our new members (1.30pm), last year's Irish band(2pm) and our Cosmic Latte rock band (2.30pm).

Chissy Guitarists on What Now

Congratulations to Jed Rimmer, Emmanuel Fruean and Dominic Petelo for their great performance with Avalanche City on What Now last Sunday! 

Billets needed March 31, April 1

Learning Strategies for Music Success

This great workshop at school is on March 31