Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Feb 25 Music Update

Avondale Bridge Memorial

Thank you to Lena Krakowaik who represented Chisnallwood and played solo trumpet for the February 5th memorial event at the Avondale bridge on Monday Feb 5th. 

Childrens' Day Event

6th March 11am-3pm @ Spencer Park

1.00pm Dylan Jonkers sings original songs
1.30pm 2015 and 2016 Chisnallwood Jazz Band 
2pm         2015 Chisnallwood Irish Group 
2.30pm 2015 Chisnallwood Rock Band Cosmic Latte


31 March 7pm Learning Strategies for Musical Success Details by international presenter Michael Griffin will be held here at CHISNALLWOOD! Details and tickets available at
This will be a fabulous not-to-be-missed workshop for students and music parents.


FOR 2 nights for the NZ Ukulele Development Squad from Auckland. Chisnallwood is hosting this fabulous group on March 31 and April 1. Details will be at It will incorporate an invite to a shared meal on March 31 (helpful for students attending the 7pm workshop).


We are looking for people to help sponsor some music lessons for up and coming musicians. Please pass this link on to anyone who may be interested


Watch out for Chisnallwood guitarists on What Now this Sunday morning!


Next week we have Koffie Robert Fugah at school teaching all our students some African drumming!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Feb 17 Music update

It's great to see most music lessons underway! 

There are still some spaces if your student hasn't signed up to learn an instrument. We have some great clarinets, saxes, flutes and violins available!!
Timetables for lessons can be found on the music website and will continue to be updated.
Most of the remaining music groups will start over the next week and students can still join these. Students can see Mrs Bell for details if unsure and check details on the music website for details and signups. Daily group rehearsals and new timetables are advertised in the daily notices
Note a change of orchestra time: We will have orchestra this FRIDAY block 5 (not Monday as previously advertised). This will be followed by after school theory club for those who wish to join that.
Notes from the Feb 17 music talk can be downloaded from the Chisnallwood Music website.

March 6 Children's Day 
11am-3pm at Spencer Park. 
Games, demonstrations, pony rides and lots of young entertainment including Chisnallwood students and ex-students:
11.10 Better than Bacon
11.45 Dylan Jonkers
11.50 Jackson Roche
1.30 Chisnallwood Jazz Band (2015 group with our new players joining in)
2pm Chisnallwood Irish Group (2015)
2.30pm Cosmic Latte

Music Workshop at school for families
Thursday March 31
7pm Michael Griffin will give a presentation "Learning Strategies for Musical Success". It covers great motivational tips on practicing music. This will be really valuable to all our music families and we encourage students to come along with parents and music teachers! 

NZ Ukulele
Thursday March 31
The 20 piece 2015 NZ Ukulele Development Squad will be arriving at Chisnallwood for 3 days and we are looking for billets for 2 nights. Please fill in the form at the end of the newsletter if you can take a billet or fill in the form online at