Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Canterbury Heats of Smokefreerockquest are being held at  Aurora Centre, Cnr Greers Rd & Memorial Ave, on Saturday May 24th. Come and support our 5 Chisnallwood bands!
Tickets $10 at the door. No charge for band members, teachers and children 5yrs and under.
Here’s the line up of bands this Saturday: (Note: it is subject to change, but still gives an indication)
12:00         Contraband                                   West Eyreton School, Rangiora HS, Oxford Area School
12:05         16 Seconds                                   St Margaret’s College, St Thomas of Canterbury, Burnside HS
12:10         5 shades of grey                           Hurunui College
12:15         Clockwork                                    Burnside High School
12:20         Eleven                                           Hagley Community College
12:30         Killer Blue                                     Chisnallwood Intermediate
12:35         Limited Edition                             Burnside High School
12:40         Ivans Picnic on the Moon            Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti
12:45         SEMPERTERNAL                      St Andrew’s College (Christchurch)
12:50         Auria                                             Shirley Boys’ High School
1:00           Intense Procedure                        Rangiora High School
1:05           Cameroon Blue                            Papanui High School, St Thomas of Canterbury, Cashmere HS
1:10           Death is a Women                       Kaiapoi High School
1:15           The Unknown                               Hurunui College
1:20           The Sock Monkeys                      Heaton Normal Intermediate, Medbury Prep. School
1:30           Ivory                                              Hagley Community College
1:35           Sheila                                            Darfield High School
1:40           The Haze                                      Christchurch Boys’ High School, St Andrews College
1:45           Terabytes                                     Chisnallwood Intermediate
1:50           The Unknown                               Burnside High School
2:00           three day weekend                       St Andrew’s College (Christchurch)
2:05           Slick Acorn                                   Shirley Boys’ High School
2:10           A-Drift                                           Burnside High School
2:15           Revlation                                     Aranui High School
2:20           SeniorRHSfive                             Rangiora High School
2:25           Sonic Pulse                                  Chisnallwood Intermediate
2:30           RockAholics                                 Heaton Normal Intermediate
2:35           Aura                                              Hagley Community College
2:40           EmberCity                                    Burnside High School
2:45           Fracture the System                    Darfield High School
2:50           multi ringtone phone                Chisnallwood Intermediate
3:00           False Disciple                              Burnside High School, Papanui HS, Hagley Comm. College
3:05           JuniorRHSthreegirls                   Rangiora High School
3:10           Vivarium                                       Hagley Community College
3:15           Unidentified                                  Chisnallwood Intermediate
3:20           Reliant                                          Burnside High School
3:30           Broken Indicators                         Hagley Community College


Thanks so much to the NZ Ukulele Trust, Chisnallwood has received 12 free new Mahalo ukuleles and a tuner which will truly help the high demand from classes and the growing uke group!


Celebrating NZ Music Month at Aranui Library:
May 22 Rock and Jazz 1.20pm
May 23 Irish Band 2pm-2.30pm
May 30 Choir and Ukes 11am

"Hook line and Sing Along" is happening May 30th 1.45pm - a house sing off competition and combined singalong with Avondale school to celebrate the end of NZ Music month!! Have you learnt this year's song, Islands? Check it out at 

ChCh Schools' Music Festival
Information about the poster competition for this year's music festival (based on War and peace) can be found on Entries close June 13th.
Those auditioning for special groups should let Mrs Bell or Mrs Ritchie know if you want any help in preparation. Some practices will be advertised in the daily notices.