Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Term 3

Term 3 Music Dates

Aug 12-15 Jazz tour to Wellington for WEBO

August 22 (Monday) Jazz Band - Graduation ceremony gig 5pm

Aug 25 (Thursday) Strum Strike and Blow 
A fun festival for massed ukes, marimbas and recorders
Venue: Horncastle Arena
All day rehearsal at the arena 9.30am-2.15pm (travel by bus)
Concert  7pm-8.15pm
Audience entry $5

September 2nd (Friday) - Bandquest 
For rockbands from Canterbury primary schools
Venue: Chisnallwood hall
3pm sound check, 7pm-9.30pm concert
Audience entry $10 

September 13 - Music Scholarships (Tuesday) - for year 6's coming to Chisnallwood next year (Please tell your friends entries close Sept2)

Sept 14 - Area rehearsal for Choir (Wed) 
For Christchurch Schools' Music Festival choir
Venue: Shirley Boys High from 9-11.30am

September 15 (Thursday) - Junior Jazz Jam 
Venue: ARA Music Arts,130 High Street 

Sept 16 (Friday) - Entries close for Music Theory Exams

Term 4 Dates

Oct 20 Kids in Town - Jazz band 12-1
Labour Weekend - Big Band Festival (Jazz Band)
Oct 28 Christchurch Schools' Music Festival performance (Choir)
Nov 5 ABRSM Theory exam
Dec 3 Ukulele trip to Auckland for Kiwilele Festival