Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bandquest Congratulations

LaMonLaMon — by Judith Bell
Well done to all the 6 Chissy bands who played at Bandquest last week with 8 other bands from around Canterbury and congratulations to our prize winners!
Congratulations to BROKEN JANDAL for winning 1st place overall on Sept 2 Bandquest.

Congratulations to Dylan Jonkers for winning best make vocalist and to Xharyah Lam Sam for winning best female vocalist!

Sept 2nd was the first of 3 nights of Bandquest. There were 14 bands on our night, with 6 from Chisnallwood representing a great range of rock styles. There were bands from as far away as Prebbleton and Timaru. We were treated to a guest performance at the end by the Canterbury Pasifica Beats winning band from Shirley Boys High.

By Judith Bell

Photo Gallery

Farmyard Children Farmyard Children  — by Judith Bell

@nonymous@nonymous — by Judith Bell

Anika, Izzy and LexiAnika, Izzy and Lexi — by Judith Bell

"Am I right?""Am I right?" — by Judith Bell


Broken JandalBroken Jandal — by Judith Bell

Am I right?Am I right? — by Judith Bell

Olly and Jamie Olly and Jamie  — by Judith Bell

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