Sunday, January 28, 2018

Music lessons at school

Video: Clays Bass Lessons School Demo Video 2018Video: Video: Clays Bass Lessons School Demo Video 2018 — by Clay's Bass Lessons

Sign up for music lessons and music groups!!

Music lessons

Please sign up for music lessons at 

Please note: if you are a year 8 who learnt last year and wish to continue, please sign up again for this year's lessons.

If you cannot access this online, there are paper copies of the form available from the music office.

Lessons will start over the next 2 weeks.

Music demo concert

We enjoyed seeing and hearing our itinerant teachers demo their instruments in assembly on Wed 7th. Click on the video at the top to see our bass teacher Clayton Hiku!

Parent-teacher night next week includes music!

We have a short meeting on Wednesday 14th at 7.35pm (after the parent/teacher evening) for any parents who want to find out tips on practicing and how best to stay in touch with the music department.

Other music highlights next week at school

African Drumming for all classes with Robert Koffie Fugah

Musicality testing for all year 7s and some year 8 classes 

What is available to learn?

  • flute - Janet Simon
  • recorder -Janet Simon
  • clarinet - Jody Keehan
  • saxophone - Jody Keehan
  • trumpet - Gregory Knowles
  • trombone - Gregory Knowles
  • violin - Julie Pettitt
  • cello - Michael Crowther
  • guitar (general) - Leroy Edgar or Clayton Hiku
  • classical guitar - Leroy Edgar
  • jazz guitar - Leroy Edgar
  • electric guitar - Leroy Edgar or Clayton Hiku
  • bass guitar - Clayton Hiku
  • drums - Jon Biddington
  • piano - Marnie Barrell or Michael Crowther
  • keyboard - lynne Mackenie
  • vocal - Amanda Atlas
  • songwriting - Claire Coleman
  • bagpipes - Liz Drury
  • beatboxing - Liam Dacombe
  • hip hop dance - Leearna Abernethy

Music groups

All music groups are free. Please watch the daily notices for meeting times and auditons. There are sign up sheets outside the music office and also on the chisnallwoodmusic website

  • Choir (all comers) - Monday block 5 - tutor: Jasmine Webster
  • Irish Band (fiddle, tin whistle, bodhran, mandolin, guitar, bass, vocalist) - Tuesday 8am
  • Recorder ensemble (descant, treble, tenor, bass) - Wed 8am
  • Jazz Band (auditioned) - Thursday lunch/block 5
  • Orchestra - (all comers - must play an instrument) - Friday lunch/block 5
  • Marimba group (all comers, keyboard skills help) - Friday 8am
  • Rock band (auditioned) - after school practices
  • Theory Club (all comers) - Friday 2.45-4.20pm
  • Computer Music
  • Sound tech
  • Ukulele (all comers) - Mon lunch
  • String ensemble (string players) - Monday 8am
  • Jazz Combo (auditioned) - Thursday 8am

CDs and Music Calendars

There are a few 2017 school music CDs and music calendars left. If you missed out last year and want to purchase, here is the link.

Are you able to contribute to the Chissy "sponsor a music student" scheme?

Contribute to our sponsor scheme by filling in this form. You will get a receipt plus the reward of knowing you are helping invest into the music life of a Chissy student.


Part of the cool thing about learning music is the opportunity to play music in a group. Anyone who can read and play a few notes can be part of the orchestra. All our groups are free to join. Our sign up meeting for orchestra will be on Friday 9th Feb, in block 5 and bring your instruments on Friday 16th Feb block 5.


Sign up outside the music office. The first get together is on Monday 19th in block 5!

Jazz Band 

Starts Feb 8th.

Other groups

Watch the daily notices for updates on choir, rock, jazz, marimba, ukulele, sound tech training and Irish band! There are sign up sheets outside the music office for these groups, and these will soon also be online on the music .website. 

Rock Auditions

Start Friday lunch Feb 9th

Theory Club

The sign up for 2018 music theory club is online here. This free after school club will start on Friday 3rd Feb but students are welcome to join at any time through out the year. Returning students who want to sit an exam in march, please be aware that entries close Friday 10th!

Computer Music

There are three options for Computer Music

  • The computer Music lab is open most intervals and lunchtimes for students to create some music using various software on the music computers
  • There is a signup list for Leisure Ed - 12 weeks in term 2 and 3  for students not in winter sport who may want to focus on using the music computers for recording, creating, learning and sharing work both with software on the computers and in the cloud. Limited numbers
  • There will be a focussed 8 week course using Sonic Pi (sign up outside the music office).

Sound Tech training

Students wanting to become sound technicians are encouraged to sign up in term one outside the music office. Students on the list who prove they have the extra qualities needed such as able to follow instructions, problem solve, finish tasks and stay focussed are invited to a full day of training in either week one of the April holidays or a Saturday early term 2.

Upcoming dates to put in the diary:

Wed 14 February 7.35-8pm - You are welcome to a music presentation for any parents of current or potential music students at Chisnallwood. This will cover helpful information about lessons, groups and performances as well as tips on practice!

Sun 18 Feb Parklands@Play - Jazz, Irish and Co-Pilots

Saturday 24 February - Opening of he Pukeko Centre for Rugdy and Bowls - jazz band

Sunday March 4th 11am-3pm Children's Day at the Green Space, corner of New Brighton Road and Locksley Ave. Chisnallwood Jazz and Irish 

By Judith Bell